I’m In Trouble Now

Seriously – I went to GDC expecting to enjoy it and have fun connecting with people I’ve been working with since August of 2008. I didn’t expect to get addicted while I was there.

I met folks from real media outlets. Paste Magazine, LA Times, Edge Magazine, etc. all had representatives at GDC and I got to meet them and talk with them and find out how brilliant they all actually really are.

Aside from the hero-worship I got to engage in with the above folks, I got to meet many of my favorite games bloggers: Michael Abbot and his crew are a stunningly diverse group of amazingly smart folks who think and write about games.

I got to chat with folks from other websites like GrE and TPG, only bigger. Chris from Pocket Gamer, Jeff from 148Apps, and other like-minded entrepeneurs generously treated me like one of their own and it felt good. The number of times someone said “OH! I’ve heard of Games Are Evil. EXCELLENT domain name!” was much greater than I even could have hoped for.

So, obviously, I’m high. High as hell on this games writing, critical thinking, sweet spot of games and journalism. Yeah, some of the bigger bloggers are young, attractive, and wear skinny jeans with aplomb, but I think us older dudes have as much to contribute to the field.

I want to work in this industry. Not as a full time starving freelancer, but as a guy who can contract for work in some way across all these sites and outlets. Actually make some money from this passion. Learn from the best to help my own outlets grow in size and stature. Build relationships and connections with other like minded folks to further ALL of our goals and dreams.

Big thoughts, I know. But then again, I’m high.


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