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special.jpgI’m a n00b to the gaming blogging community. It wasn’t until I really started to tune into games over the past six months or so in order to write about them at GamesAreEvil.com that I had any clue that there was intelligent discussion about gaming and what gaming means.

It’s the latter that I’m most interested in. From personal example, I’m interested in what gaming means to my culture, my life, my kids’ lives, my relationship, etc. My wife, typically anti-gaming, has moved ever closer to gaming, through innovations like the Wii and the experiential gaming it provides, as well as the media possibilities inherent in the XBox 360. My children spend more time actively problem solving and thinking through things than they do watching passive, televised entertainment. I can only think this is a good thing.

I’m indebted to Michael Abbot, The Brainy Gamer, who has inspired me (and a host of others) to try to think about gaming on this level. His level of discourse and insistence on conversation as the method of his learning and teaching is utterly brilliant and enlightening. He’s the real reason I’m doing what I’m doing right now.

Daniel Golding at Subject Navigator has put together a list of 29 gamer blogs that you need to read. He’s named it The Brainyverse, in what I take to be a tribute to Michael Abbot’s method and style of writing and conversation. If you know how to use RSS and a newsreader, you can have one heck of a brain day reading through these. Some I’ve read, some I’ve not, so I’ll be going through them little by little. I hope one day to be included in a list like this. For now, though, I continue to learn, write, and converse.

Here’s my list (which is also a lot of his list). It’s what I’ve got in my newsreader right now, and what I peruse when I want to learn more and be part of the discussion. For links to each of the sites on this list, look to the blogroll on the right, under “the brainyverse.”

* Above 49
* Acid for Blood
* Banana Pepper Martinis
* Brainy Gamer
* Click Nothing
* Cruise Elroy
* Design Rampage
* Discount thoughts
* Elements of Meaning
* Experience Points
* Fullbright
* Game Design Advance
* game-ism.com
* GameCulture Journal Blog
* Graduate School Gamer
* Graffiti Gamer
* Groping The Elephant
* Hit Self-Destruct
* Infovore
* Insult Swordfighting
* Level Up
* Living Epic: Video Games in the Ancient World
* Lost Garden
* Magical Wasteland
* male hipster leering
* malvasia bianca
* Man Bytes Blog
* No More Gamers Anymore
* Noble Carrots
* PixelVixen707
* Raph’s Website
* Save the Robot – Chris Dahlen
* Sexy Videogameland
* Slate Magazine – Gaming
* SLRC – ‘Super Legacy Reading Club!’
* The Autumnal City
* The Game Critique
* The New Gamer – We like to write about games.
* The Quixotic Engineer
* Versus CluClu Land
* Vorpal Bunny Ranch
* Writers Cabal Blog



  1. Welcome to the fold…

    “Super Legacy Reading Club”? I swear Ben just likes to change what the name stands for every few weeks.

  2. Hilarious. What did he call it before?

  3. Previously on SLRC has been “Stereo, Left Right Centre” (for a good 6 months) then SLRCry2 (when I was evangelising about FC2) and then it was “Sorta, Like Really Cool” for about a month… and today it felt like time for a refresh. This one I really like though, could be a long stayer. =)

    Also: Welcome to the Brainysphere/verse whatever we call it. There’s always room for +1.

  4. I love how large this network is becoming. I look forward to reading your words!

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