PSP: P Stands for Promise

I promise not to just link to videos without some sort of commentary here, so let me just say that the video below really plays to the promise of the PSP. I bought one of these when they first came out. Paid $250 just for the machine, had to get a memory stick, and then some games. I had it for a while, and really loved the screen, the multimedia abilities, and the wifi/surf the net thing. But it was just so damn hard to get movies on there, the memory stick was WAY expensive for very little space (when you’re talking video media, it leaves quick), and there was no playing nice with my computer of choice: a Mac. So, no iTunes integration. It was fun, but a hassle to move stuff onto and off.

In addition, the games just really didn’t cut it. They looked as good as any console games I’d played (I only had a Game Cube at the time, and used to have a PS1), but they just weren’t as fun as I’d hoped. I sold it so I could afford to import one of the new cool DS Lites from Hong Kong. The story of my DS lis a different blog post, so suffice it to say that I still have and play my DS quite a bit, and the kids enjoy the heck out of it, too.

Flash forward a couple of years to my new gig at GamesAreEvil, and I’m writing about DS, PSP and iPhone games as the Portable Section Editor. So, of course, I should get a PSP. Because I really DID like it. So, I hunt around on ebay and find a REALLY cheap Star Wars special edition PSP. So cheap, in fact, that the screen can get wonky, and needs to be pressed on to work completely cleanly. Ah, well, buyer beware.

But here’s the deal. For playing console-like games, you cannot beat the PSP. Try God of War: Chains of Olympus. Try Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Try Star Wars Battlefront, for the heck of it. You’ll come away feeling like you’ve played a console game. That happens less frequently on the DS, and is only just starting to happen on the iPhone. The PSP has had some time to mature: memory sticks are MUCH less expensive, and there’s an online store to buy games and try out game demos. The web browser still rocks, and the Wifi is smooth and accessible. System updates are easy, as well. No, it still doesn’t play well with the Mac, but my iPhone does, so I don’t even worry about movies or music on the PSP anymore. In fact, it’s really just a great game mini-console. There aren’t a ton of games that I’d consider 4 or 5 stars on it still, but the ones that are do not disappoint. I’d say that two of the games I mentioned above are amazing games in their own right, regardless of the console they’re being played on.

Ok, enough commentary. This video is what started me off on the tangent. Pretty brilliant work, I’d say. Plus, it makes ya wanna go and grab yerself a PSP, don’t it?


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