The iPhone is the new Handheld to Watch

I’m sure it’s been said before, and elsewhere, and in my own writing, but I’m just really amazed how quickly the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch gaming and App thing has grown.

Yes, there are tons of crap games there, shovelware at best, and many devs can’t compete in a “lowest price wins” environment, and I think these issues need to be addressed by Apple.

But think of it this way: what other device do you have on your person all the time that can play the level of quality games we used to associate only with the PSP/DS market? None, I’d wager. Android is a new contender, and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes in the next few months as it achieves some sort of market penetration and non-geek mindshare.

What Apple got right, I think, is similar to what Nintendo has done: move your device from the bleeding edge of technology/feature set to the more comfortable center of well-designed human interface and “cool” factor mind share.


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